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Electrician Job Description Canada

Electrician Job Description Canada

Some immigrants to Canada may need an Electrician Job Description to fit a skilled trade code requirements. Canada immigration made available Skilled worker and trade codes documentation to that effect - The National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes

You may also find this electrician practice information helpful.Extracted from Wikipedia:

"In most Canadian jurisdictions a supply authority will not connect power to a new building unless a licensed electrician has applied for the electrical permit (some provinces allow a homeowner to obtain his or her own electrical permit). Similarly to the United States, training of electricians follows an apprenticeship model, taking four or five years to progress to fully qualified journeyman level. Typical apprenticeship programs emphasize hands-on work under the supervision of journeymen, but also include a substantial component of classroom training and testing. Training and licensing of electricians is regulated by each province, but many provinces recognize qualifications received in others. The red seal program allows qualified electricians to practice their trade in other provinces without having to write additional examinations.

Restricted electrical licenses are also issued for specializations such as motor winder, appliance repair, audio/visual installation, HVAC installation, and similar jobs."

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